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Coreopsis Li'l Bang 'Candy Stripe' Tickseed, 1 Quart Pot Live Plant

Coreopsis Li'l Bang 'Candy Stripe' Tickseed, 1 Quart Pot Live Plant

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Li’l Bang Candy Stripes Tickseed (Coreopsis). Here’s some information about this delightful plant:

  • Appearance: Li’l Bang Candy Stripes Tickseed features hundreds of peppermint pink daisy-like flowers with white tips. These charming blooms appear for months, making it an excellent choice for garden enthusiasts.
  • Growth Habit: It forms a tidy mound of highly disease-resistant foliage, reaching a height of about 15 inches.
  • Blooming Power: The Candy Stripes Tickseed is incredibly long-blooming, providing wave after wave of blossoms from late spring into fall.
  • Deer Resistant: It’s also deer-resistant, which is a bonus for gardeners dealing with wildlife.
  • Series: Candy Stripes belongs to the superior Li’l Bang Series of Coreopsis. This series is known for prolific blooming and excellent disease resistance.
  • Uses: You can enjoy Candy Stripes Tickseed in various ways:
    • In perennial gardens
    • As an easy-to-care-for ground cover
    • In containers (alone or mixed with other plants)
  • Growing Tips:
    • Plant it in full sun (at least 6 hours of sunlight per day).
    • While it’s not fussy about soil, it performs best in soil amended with organic matter.
    • Coreopsis is drought-tolerant but blooms best with consistent moisture.
    • Keep new plants well-watered until they establish themselves.
  • Hardiness Zone: It’s suitable for zones 5-9.

**NOTE ON SHIPPING: At shipping time, some soil may be removed if needed and we will trim down the plant if it is too tall at this time as well. Thank you**

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