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Hot Air Balloon Old World Christmas Ornament

Hot Air Balloon Old World Christmas Ornament

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Retired Hot Air Balloon Ornaments, they are gorgeous!

You will be picking one of the ornaments shown above. If you do not pick a particular color balloon, I will pick one for you.

Old World Christmas Hot Air Balloon Ornament. Flying in a hot air balloon is one of the best ways to enjoy being airborne. Operating on the basis that warm air rises in cooler air, balloons move with the winds in a very peaceful and tranquil way. They seem to drift effortlessly above the countryside, making a balloon ride a wondrous experience.

This is a brand-new retired ornament from the Old World Christmas collection. All ornaments in the collection include a "story tag" on the hook, along with the OWC metal tag and a decorative OWC gift box. Because it is retired, it is harder to find since they are no longer making them anymore.

OWC 99

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