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Vintage 1940's Framed Postcard Decor Gift

Vintage 1940's Framed Postcard Decor Gift

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I take great pride in making each one of these special pictures myself by gathering vintage postcards greeting cards from the early to mid 1900's then pairing them with an upcycled 5x7 frame. The frames are painted lightly distressed, then the cards are bedazzled then surrounded with color coordinated mattes assembled by hand. In doing this, I am creating a new product out of old recycled items.

These adorable little pictures all have their very own tale to tell. Most of the postcards that I work with come from the first decade of the 1900's were handwritten with pens dipped in an ink bottle and then delivered via the Pony Express!!! So now, over a 70 years later, this has been hand-crafted to enhance what was truly a genuine piece of art for your home!

Here's to hoping that some home finds a place for this unique picture to be shared cherished for years to come!!!

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