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Ajuga Feathered Friends 'Parrot Paradise', 4" Pot Live Plant

Ajuga Feathered Friends 'Parrot Paradise', 4" Pot Live Plant

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Ajuga Feathered Friends™ ‘Parrot Paradise’ (also known as Carpet Bugle) is a vigorous evergreen perennial prized for its stunning tri-color leaves. These leaves quickly form a dense carpet of attractive rosettes. In spring, the foliage showcases gold, orange, and red hues, topped with pretty cobalt-blue flower spikes. This plant is valued as a wonderful spreader, making it an excellent choice for colorful groundcover that remains attractive most of the year. It thrives in shady areas where grass has difficulty growing, making it ideal for woodland gardens. The great foliage colors also make it perfect for planting under trees or shrubs, or on banks or slopes. Ajuga Feathered Friends™ ‘Parrot Paradise’ grows up to 6 inches tall (15 cm) and 24 inches wide (60 cm). It prefers part shade to full shade and thrives in average, well-drained soils. While it tolerates almost any soil type, constant moisture is essential. Good air circulation helps avoid crown root problems. This low-maintenance plant is highly versatile and can be used as groundcover, on banks or slopes, or under trees and shrubs. Propagate it by division, separating rooted stems. Additionally, it is rabbit and deer resistant. If it becomes too crowded, lift the runners and divide them to maintain vigor.

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