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Lavender 'Grosso', 4" Size Live Plant

Lavender 'Grosso', 4" Size Live Plant

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Lavandula 'Grosso' is a large growing French hybrid lavender with dark blue flower spikes in mid-summer. An impressive profuse bloomer ideal for drying or culinary use.

Lavandula 'Grosso' is a classic French hybrid Lavender grown for its fragrant dark blue flower spikes and vigorous growth habit. With nice wide gray-green foliage, 'Grosso' is a large grower and blooms heavily providing an ample harvest of flowers for lavender wands, sachets, and culinary use. This is an outstanding honeybee plant providing mid-summer flowers after the English lavender finishes flowering in early summer. 'Grosso' has good cold hardiness for a French hybrid.

Lavender is very important for pollinators. It is a nectar source for butterflies and honeybees. Many other beneficial insects also benefit from lavender blooms. Grosso Lavenders should be planted three feet apart. Even here where summers can be brutally hot, they can be planted in the full sun. Be sure to provide adequate moisture for a splendid show!

HEIGHT: 30" - 32"



ZONES: 5 - 11

ATTRACTS: Butterflies

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