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Honeoye Strawberry, 4" Pot Live Plant

Honeoye Strawberry, 4" Pot Live Plant

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Enjoy delicious, fresh strawberries straight from the garden. The heavy yield is also excellent for gardeners wanting to make their own jam or strawberry wine. Plus, the beautiful ruby red color stays vibrant even in processing. As it is June bearing instead of everbearing, Honeoye has one harvest a year of larger fruits than the other types--typically in June, as the name suggests. Pretty, five petaled blooms appear snowy white with little yellow centers. This variety is deer resistant and bears a great general disease resistance, too. It does attract bees to your garden, boosting biodiversity and pollinate your edible and flowering plants. Self-pollinating.

Plant strawberries in early spring. Water them often through July. Do not plant them where tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplant, or okra were planted the previous year. There is a disease that sometimes attacks these plants that will also attack strawberries. When planting, make sure that the roots are spread apart, and not tightly packed in a small hole. The plant will spread faster if the blossoms are removed so that more runners can be produced. The second year, allow the buds to stay so that fruit can be produced. Because strawberries have shallow roots, they should be fertilized during the growing season.

HEIGHT: 8" - 10" inches


WATER REQUIREMENTS: Average Water Needs, well-drained

ZONES: 4 - 8


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