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Siberian Iris 'Miss Apple', 1 Gallon Pot Live Plant

Siberian Iris 'Miss Apple', 1 Gallon Pot Live Plant

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An exceptional variety for unique color the falls of Miss Apple's vibrant blooms are closer to true red than any other red-violet Siberian iris out there! It's also one of the first varieties to bloom in late spring. No surprise, this variety bred by the renowned Siberian iris hybridizers, Marty Schafer and Jan Sacks, has won both the Randolph-Perry Medal and the Dykes Memorial Medal. It is an easy-to-grow addition to a mixed perennial border, with flowers rising up over sleek, slender stems. It actually prefers moist soils and adds a touch of whimsy around the edge of a pond or stream. Deer tend not to eat Siberian iris. Iris Siberica 'Miss Apple' 1 gallon size pot.
30 inches
Bloom Time
Late spring to early summer
Light Requirements
Full Sun, Partial Shade

Siberian Irises combine easy care with grace and beauty. Group them together or scatter them throughout a perennial border or foundation planting. Their flowers rise above sturdy stems and slender leaves, and feature intricate, arching standards and ruffled falls. They make stunning cut flowers. They make stunning cut flowers. Iris breeders are dramatically changing the range of colors, heights, and bloom times available in this group. Siberian Iris often begin to flower in late May, but the peak of bloom here is in the first half of June. Their thick roots drive down deeply, which makes them drought resistant (though they also thrive in damp soil) and great plants for holding steep banks in place. Each clump becomes huge, and when a group of them grows together, weeds can't grow in between. After bloom, the grassy leaves stand erect and green through the growing season. Siberian Iris struggle in the desert Southwest. Irises are among the best known and best loved of garden plants. This huge genus contains upward of 200 species, which range from timid and inconspicuous wildlings to the splendid and extravagant Tall Bearded Iris. Their preferred habitats range from standing water to formal borders, and there is scarcely a shade or combination of colors that can't be found. 

This is a live plant. If plant is too tall at shipping time, it will be trimmed down. Some soil may be removed.

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