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Vintage Porcelain Angel Girl and Boy Praying Set

Vintage Porcelain Angel Girl and Boy Praying Set

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This is a cute set of a praying little angel girl with wings, and a kneeling praying little boy.
They do not come from the same company, I just put the two of them together because they looked like that matched somewhat and they are both praying.

The little angel girl has had one of her wings broken off and repaired at some time. It is hardly noticeable, if you zoom in you will see what I am describing. She has blue eye shadow on (dead give away for a 60's figurine) and glitter on the wings. She has no other chips or cracks. I love the eyelashes and nice detail they did on this cute little angel girl. There are some initials carved on the bottom, but I can't make them out. She is actually ceramic and not porcelain like the little boy.

The boy is on his knees saying his nighttime prayers with his pajamas on. He has nice detailed painting on his face and no chips or cracks at all. Both of these little prayers would be perfect in your child's bedrooms.
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