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Grandpa Inge-Glas Retired Old World Christmas Ornament

Grandpa Inge-Glas Retired Old World Christmas Ornament

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Grandpa with Pipe Glass Ornament made by Inge-Glas in West Germany. What a rare find and absolutely beautiful with his purple coat and red pants. Perfect gift for the grandpa in your life. Great addition to your vintage Christmas ornament collection.

Each ornament is mouth blown and hand painted in the Inge-Glas workshop in Neustadt, Germany; a business owned and operated by the Muller-Blech family for 14 generations, since 1596. Dating back to the 1850's the Inge-Glas collection includes more than 6000 antique molds, many of which are re-introduced each year.

Preserving the 410-year-old family tradition of glassblowing, every ornament is handcrafted in limited quantities. Each ornament from 1987 forward, carries the 5 - Point Star Crown of Inge-Glas, your guarantee that you possess a mouth blown, hand painted German Christmas ornament. Old World Christmas of Spokane Washington was the exclusive distributor for Inge Glas ornaments until 2000.

Measuring 3.95" tall

865/Box 1/A

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