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Sempervivum 'Pacific Trails' / Hens & Chicks / Live Succulents / 4" Pot

Sempervivum 'Pacific Trails' / Hens & Chicks / Live Succulents / 4" Pot

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Sempervivum Pacific Trails features red to maroon, fuzzy rosettes with green centers, covered in fine cilia hairs. This variety tends to grow in a tight clump. This plant comes in a 4 inch pot.

Sempervivum means always alive. They are commonly called Hens Chicks as the Mother, or Hen will send out Babies, or Chicks to quickly multiply and create a beautiful patch of succulent bliss. Sempervivum are monocarpic and will expire after blooming, although the Chicks will quickly fill in the space left by the Mother. These plants are almost always changing color, so dont be surprised if they look completely different through the seasons.

Hens Chicks grow best in well-drained, gravelly soil that is not wet in winter. Wet feet may cause the plant to rot. They are drought tolerant once established. Great in containers and rock gardens, including small crevices or spaces with limited soil.


SUN REQUIREMENTS: Filtered/Partial Sun, Full Sun, Partial Shade

WATER REQUIREMENTS: Light watering, well-drained

ZONES: 4 - 9

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