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Chick Charms Pineapple Paradise 4 inch pot

Chick Charms Pineapple Paradise 4 inch pot

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The color of Chick Charms Pineapple Paradise is reminiscent of a tropical paradise. In the spring, the colors are vivid yellow with yummy, cherry red margins. During the winter, Pineapple Paradise transitions to dark green with deep red tips. With itâ fun and changing colors, Pineapple Paradise is a must-have for your collection. Chick Charms are a drought tolerant perennial that is hardy in zones 3-8 and grows well in full sun to light shade, growing 2-3 in. tall and 12 in. wide. A great choice for rock gardens, wall plantings, borders, ground covers as well as for patio planters. If gardening really isnt your thing, Chick Charms Pineapple Paradise can be! Collect several in the collection and create a table top planter, perfect for patios, desks or in a bright location in your home. Succulents are perfect for the gardening expert as well as for the beginner gardener. Start collecting Hen and Chick, Chick Charms, now for years of enjoyment!

HEIGHT: 2" - 3" inches

SUN REQUIREMENTS: Full Sun, Part Shade


ZONES: 3 - 8

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