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Butterfly Ceramic Planter

Butterfly Ceramic Planter

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Primary color

Crystal Butterfly stenciled ceramic pot.

**Please make sure to indicate what color stand you would like in the style options. You will also need to choose what color planter you would like with the crystal butterfly design and choose if you would like to receive a tender succulent of our choosing with your order (only $12.00 extra!)**

This is an adorable planter that would make a wonderful addition to any plant lovers collection. You get to choose what color planter you would like the butterfly design on as well as choosing what color stand you receive. You can also pick to receive just the pot and stand, or we can include a lovely tender succulent to compliment the pot. We go through our collection of tender succulents and find the best looking one we have so that you get a succulent just as amazing as the one in the pictures. We do also have lots of other plants listed in our shop if you were looking for something more specific!

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