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Live Succulent Brushed Silver Spiked Picture Frame

Live Succulent Brushed Silver Spiked Picture Frame

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Beautiful Premium Live Succulents!

These succulents have been securely attached to a brushed silver spiked frame using adhesive. This frame can be hung from a wall or if you get creative you can gently prop it up on a shelf. These lovely succulents will need to be misted with water every 3-4 days, we do include a small misting bottle for this purpose. The frame is made of durable plastic so it will not degrade with the water misting. Succulents do vary as these are hand made when an order is made, we pick out the best looking babies that we have to make sure each frame looks as good as the one pictured.

Over time the babies will start to grow roots, once this happens you can gently separate them from the frame and plant them into well draining soil and continue to enjoy their beauty. You should expect this to occur 3-4 months after purchase.

This frame is 9 1/2" tall and 9 1/2" wide.

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