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Sedum 'Black Pearl' Stonecrop, 4" Pot Live Plant

Sedum 'Black Pearl' Stonecrop, 4" Pot Live Plant

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Stonecrop 'Black Pearl' Sedum Album

Creeping, bronze-purple succulent evergreen foliage holds its color well into spring when the white flowers burst open! Great in containers, rock gardens or as a groundcover. Butterflies love deer steer away. Drought tolerant evergreen. Vining/creeping growth habit. Low maintenance. When the weather gets hot in the summer, it turns to green and then reverts back to bronze once the weather cools down again. So if you order this in summer, it will arrive green.

Genus: Sedum

Light Requirements: Partial sun
Full sun
Bloom Time: Summer
Growth Rate: Fast
Plant Type: Perennial
Mature Plant Size/ Range: 2 -3" tall x 12-24" wide
Soil Requirements: Well-drained
Hardiness Zones: 4-11

Advantages: Drought tolerant
Low maintenance
Attract butterflies
Deer resistant
Fabulous foliage
4 inch pot

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