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Vintage Framed 1908 "The Lord is Risen" Card

Vintage Framed 1908 "The Lord is Risen" Card

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1908 vintage "The Lord is Risen" Easter postcard with gold and cream double mat.

This is a one of a kind vintage picture that will surely bring joy to you or someone you love. I take great pride in making each one of these special pictures myself. I gather a vintage postcard or greeting cards from the early 1900's and pair them with an up-cycled frame. I paint the frames and lightly distress them, cut a mat to match with my selection of vintage card and assemble them all by hand. By doing this, I am making a new product out of old recycled items.

These cute little pictures all have a story to tell. Most of the postcards come from the early 1900's and were inscribed using a quill pen and ink and delivered by Pony Express. And now, over one hundred years later, this card has been transformed into a piece of art for your home.

I hope you find a place in your home for one of these unique pieces or share them with a friend or family member.

A great combined Easter Gift Card

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