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Live Succulent Butterfly Wall Decor

Live Succulent Butterfly Wall Decor

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Premium Live Succulent Butterfly Wall Decor
**Misting bottle included!**

Dimensions - Height: 6" Width: 5.5" Depth: 1"

Beautiful premium succulents are hand picked with care, we make these after an order is made so please note that the picture is an example of what you will receive. We pick out the succulents that are looking the best at the time they are made so that every butterfly is shipped out looking absolutely amazing! As such the types of succulents you may receive will vary but you will always get the best of the crop! This is the perfect item to liven up any room you choose! Succulents last much longer than a vase of flowers. The butterfly is made of metal so it can withstand the misting that these babies will require, and we include the misting bottle so you don't need to go purchase any extra supplies for this beauty. The butterfly does come with a cord for hanging up on a wall, or you can simply lay it flat! Wherever you chose to place it just make sure it is located in full sunlight as succulents love to hang out in the bright sun all day long!

Eventually the succulents will start to grow roots, once this occurs you can pluck the succulents gently out and plant them into a pot with succulent soil or straight into the ground with well draining soil. It should take around 4-5 months for roots to grow so you can expect to enjoy the butterfly decor for that amount of time.

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